Posted: Nov 18 2013
by: Nate Luedtke

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Infographic: The Rise of the Modern Mustache

Kyoku Infographic: The Rise of the Modern Mustache

Where would Hulk Hogan be without his horseshoe mustache? Would you recognize Frank Zappa without his combination chevron soul patch? Some of the men you look up to throughout history as symbols of power and masculinity have sported a 'stache - and those mustaches have become part of their identity.

As you select a style for this Movember, here's some inspiration. Who knows? You could be a legend in no time.

The Emperor

How do you intimidate your worst enemy with whiskers? With the signature style of Genghis Khan, who ruled over the largest empire in history.

The Roughrider

When you're a man of many dimensions, the roughrider is just bold enough to encompass all of your personas. The preferred shape of conservationist, soldier, adventurer and former President Teddy Roosevelt, the roughrider says you may speak softly, but you carry a big stick.

The Revolutionary

You don't need to start your own revolution to rock this 'stache - but you do need to be as bold as Pancho Villa, who famously sported this full, fearless shape. Though the style looks rebellious, it's actually relatively manageable to maintain.

The Gunslinger

Wyatt Earp is an American hero for many reasons - namely, his legendary gunfight at O.K. Corral, but also because of his epic handlebar mustache. Do you really think he could have turned cowboys into cowards in the Dakota Territory if he was clean shaven?

The Satirist

The bushy best friend of Mark Twain, the satirist shape is proof that the iconic writer had a sense of humor. Twain famously said, "To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence." This lip foliage would definitely help, too.

The Genius

It doesn't take a sky high IQ to realize that this wild, wiry shape is a stroke of genius. After all, Albert Einstein kept this style while contemplating the theory or relativity - and moreover, winning the Nobel Prize.

The Philosopher

What is the meaning of life? It's a debatable subject, but Nietzsche's matchless mustache might provide some insight. In fact, historians found letters that suggested Nietzsche was sure his mouth brow gave him super powers.

The Silent Star

When you can't say it with words, say it with a 'stache. Charlie Chaplin, one of the most beloved entertainers in American history, made this tapered little toothbrush world famous. The master of physical comedy, Chaplin knew that there's no better way to get some laughs than with some unorthodox upper-lip holstery.

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